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Categories  >  Special Projects  >  Interconnection System Design

Interconnection System Design

Interconnection System DesignThis picture shows a led lighting track, our customer came to us with the aluminium extrusion and needed a plug and socket style of connection system with interconnecting power leads. Due to the size of the extrusion the CAD design element of the project was essential to ensure we could fit everything in place where required.

The design has a two pin plug and socket configuration, these fit on the end of the extrusion and are retained in place by self-tapping screws. Using this method the light strips can be placed end to end and connected if required, we have also moulded an end cap which is designed to match the profile of the extrusion for aesthetics.

With the power leads we have designed a cable mounted version of the plug and socket, these are used to power the light strip, also we manufacture various lengths in plug to socket configurations from 100mm to 5m. The short links were developed to aid fitters in particular applications where there is a need to go round corners or bends and maintain the circuit.

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