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Electrical Safety Design Products

Electrical Safety Design ProductsThe above picture shows a power block which fits into a slim metal extrusion, this product was required to meet BEAB approvals. The unit we designed incorporates a special latch design to key into the extrusion, internally we have moulded terminal blocks so all the incoming wires can be individually isolated.

Again due to our in house CAD systems this part was designed, discussed and then tooled up, the moulded part has 8 individual parts. To help our customer in assembly we leave the moulding on the plastic sprue that feeds material to the cavities, similar to how Airfix kits are supplied. This ensured the customer did not lose any individual parts during their production process.

This is just a very small indication of projects we get involved in at Cable First, due to the diverse range of products we supply there are few applications that we cannot meet the customerís requirements. Please contact customer service with your requirements and we would be pleased to forward a quotation to you.

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